“The change comes on the move, calm, find peace.”

Así te ayudo en tu proceso de desarrollo y crecimiento personal

Only for you

Individual sessions

I'll walk you along a therapeutic process or coaching to achieve the transformation you want. When a discomfort, a suffering, we see you and, sometimes, you need someone to guide you along the way. My way of working is respectful, empathic, and near, to provide you with that which is assuming a limitation or an obstacle. After 20 years of experience in clinical, I put at your service all my knowledge and resources so that you can get there where you want to be. From the calm, look inside you, connecting with you and achieve well-being. That is my mission.

Sessions are 60-75 min, it generates a space to explore what you need to address and resolve with the goal of alleviating your discomfort and meet the challenges that you set your mind to.

Also for all

Group workshops

The body knows what the mind is silent. Change is coming to the body in motion.

In the group workshops, this poses a challenge or goal to embrace and through dynamic and body in motion to generate new provisions open up different possibilities to meet your day-to-day. The body work is profound, subtle, and at the same time more simple. The work group will power learning, connects with emotions and feelings in a more intense way and with the assurance of the support of the group. Body, mind and emotion are aligned to give you information about aspects of yourself, helping to remove blockages that prevent shine. After the move, there comes the calm.

The group is small, intimate, and the workshop takes place in sessions of 75-90 minutes depending on the purpose for which it is designed.

A Special Teen

Adolescence in calm

You will find a escort to manage the adolescence and resolve the difficulties that are coming up or if you think that the coexistence is deteriorating. You will develop the skills (listening, communication, negotiation...) that will help you as a mother or father, and build a solid base to travel this stage of a healthy and enriching for the entire family. With the teenager, will cover the challenges that you need in this vital time to find a suitable way of development with all its potentiality. Adolescence in calm is possible, if you understand what it is and guide you in the process, through individual sessions and counseling to mothers and fathers.


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