“Find your calm”

I accompany you in finding your peace, your place, your goal

Hello, I'm Alma!

I am a psychologist and coach with extensive experience in the clinical practice and personal development. My job is to improve the psychological and emotional well being, alleviate suffering and contribute to the growth as a person.

I have worked for many years in childhood and adolescence, which has given me a very broad view about how we build ourselves as a people and what aspects impact us in life. I understand the human being; your mind, beliefs, their language, their emotions, their body, their way of expression...Meapasiona learn about our BEING and all the edges that compose it. The more you study, the more I realize how complex we are. That's why, deepened, I'm looking for and I adapt to the person I have in front; you see it as a unique being.

So I'll help you in your process of development and personal growth

My goal is to connect the body, mind and emotion through techniques, cognitive, bodily and experiential. You will strengthen your wellness, you will feel better and you will be able to move forward in your purpose. Remember! 

Each one find calm in a different place. What we discovered what it was?

Individual Sessions

Through the strategies and tools of coaching, psychology and body work, you will find the way to solving your discomfort and get the space you need to stay calm. I accompany you to reach your potential.

65-75 min./session

Group Workshops

It seeks to develop new resources that transform the way you face tusretos or goals and will help you connect with your inner self through movement and the working body-mind. The group enhances the learning.

75 min./session

Adolescence in Calm

As a mother or father you'll be able to have a greater understanding of this vital time, new resources and tools to increase family well-being and improve the relationship with your children. As a teenager, you will have a free space where “to be yourself, and leave you to be who you are.”

90 min./session


Face to face


Mode Online

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Ahora puedes descubrir de una forma sencilla cómo mejorar tu estilo y filosofía de vida

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